Kraken introduces ‘Kraken Pro’

US cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has announced the launch of Kraken Pro. The powerful web platform features a range of advanced trading tools and access to spot trading, margin trading, staking and wallet management in a seamless new interface.

New advanced trading platform

Kraken Pro is a new trading platform specially designed for advanced traders and it uses the latest technology available to minimize latency and handle high demand.

The platform is reportedly built on top of the pre-existing institutional trading infrastructure and world-class security that Kraken is known for. A new app has also been launched: the Kraken Pro app, which should provide a seamless experience. Kraken CEO David Ripley said the following about Kraken Pro:

Throughout our 11-year history, Kraken has always built products around customer needs, with a focus on intuitive user interfaces. With the launch of Kraken Pro, that same client-first mentality brings a best-in-class trading platform to advanced traders.

Better informed decisions

The new Kraken Pro platform also reportedly empowers customers to make informed decisions and mitigate their risks. As a result, they can be best equipped to seize any market opportunities. More than 210 crypto assets are traded on the new Kraken Pro platform. It is expected that this number will continue to grow in the future.

It is worth mentioning that users can modularly adapt the new platform as they wish: a kind of own layout can be created. This in turn can help you make the right choice and the comfort of use on the platform. Ripley added the following:

Customers need a cryptocurrency platform that combines professional performance with unbeatable security. Kraken Pro has been built from the ground up to become the destination of choice for advanced crypto traders.

New features will continue to be developed for the platform in the future. Finally, customers are reportedly even allowed to request specific additions.

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