Koundé denies the version of FC Barcelona: there is no harmony with Xavi

Although from the club it is sold that they have spoken very cordially and that the player accepts his role, the reality is quite different.

It is evident that the signing of Koundé by FC Barcelona was a complete success by the sports management. The Frenchman, after good seasons at Sevilla FC, decided to wear the shirt of the Barça club, which paid 50 million euros for his services. Although the Frenchman is the undisputed starter, he has almost never played in his natural position.

In fact, after the end of the season, the French player expressed his desire not to play as a right-back anymore and made it clear that if this situation did not change, he would ask for his transfer. The club managed to put out the fire by guaranteeing that he would no longer play in that position, but the facts have been different. That’s why it’s starting to grow Koundé’s discontent with FC Barcelona.

Koundé, annoying with the FC Barcelona
Koundé will consider leaving if he plays as a right back again

FC Barcelona sells a different version of Koundé

As we have been able to verify during the summer market, the club has not fulfilled its promise to sign a right-back. That is why everything points to Koundé will have to play that position once againespecially in the most demanding matches because he is the most prepared for it.

All in spite of Koundé held a conversation with the board and the coaching staff led by Xavi Hernández, in which he expressed his desire to play in his natural position, as a central defender. The club sold in its day that there had been a conversation and that the tune was good. Nothing is further from reality. What’s more, the arrival of Iñigo Martínez, another center-back, has done the French very little grace.

Koundé threatens to leave if a good offer arrives

As we have mentioned, Koundé feels cheated and disappointed for the lack of fulfillment of the promises made by the club. The player hoped that his desire to play as a central defender would be eased and not have to adapt to a position in which he does not feel comfortable.

He Koundé’s discontent has been growing and His relationship with FC Barcelona has been affected. The player does not hide his frustration and discomfort, which has caused concern in the coaching staff headed by Xavi Hernández. The coach is nervous about the possibility of losing one of his key players due to the lack of reinforcements on the right side, a position that the club has no intention of reinforcing at the moment.

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