Home Sports Koopmeiners, Milan’s new top goal for 2023/2024

Koopmeiners, Milan’s new top goal for 2023/2024

Koopmeiners, Milan's new top goal for 2023/2024

AC Milan is being one of the most active this summer, looking to strengthen its squad for next season to try to compete for everything, now dreaming of the Dutch midfielder from Atalanta, Teun Koopmeinersfor which he could even have started talks to agree on a transfer.

koopmeiners24 years old, has been one of the most outstanding players in the Atalantawho for his part would seek to enter more than the 14 million euros he paid at the time for the player, with the Bergamasco team having the notion that Milan will seek to step on the accelerator to the fullest in the coming weeks to try to close his signing as soon as possible and thus avoid a massive bid with other teams that could have the same objective in the transfer market.

Top player for Pioli

At the moment, possible transfer figures are unknown, but the truth is that Koopmeiners is one of Stefano Pioli’s great targets to finish shaping the San Siro team, waiting for the Atalanta of movements by the rossonero team, who will have a golden opportunity to make cash with the Dutch midfielder, author of seven goals and three assists in 31 games in 2022/2023, being one of the last protagonists of the hectic transfer market of the AC Milan.

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