Koh-Lanta The Legend: The Guide To Follow Candidates On Instagram

Koh-Lanta fans eagerly awaiting “Koh-Lanta, The Legend,” the All-Stars season airing on Tuesday, August 24, can now follow the daily adventures of their favorite candidates on social media.

The 20 adventurers gathered last April for the recording of this anniversary season that celebrates 20 years of the game, and whose new feats viewers will soon discover, are all present on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, given the excitement aroused by each of their appearances, it is currently Claude Dartois who has the largest number of followers among them (more than 665,000 subscribers).

This massive social media presence allows contestants to capitalize on their popularity and receive messages of support and affection from their fans. But it also has setbacks. The broadcast of the program has sometimes unleashed passions, many have been victims of insults and even death threats in recent years. “We should also try to do a training in social networks of more than thirty minutes”, had also affirmed, very raised against the production, Laurent de Koh-Lanta The 4 lands in 2020, after having received threats of beheading.

Regarding the content of the messages published by the adventurers themselves, who for the record are contractually bound to keep the program’s content secret, producer Alexia Laroche-Joubert had said on Télé-loisirs that there was no control by producer Alexia Laroche-Joubert. of production. “We do not control the adventurers’ social media. We could not. We support them before filming and before broadcast. At that moment, someone meets them to explain what they are going to go through. No one can realize the impact of Koh-Lanta’s media exposure on the lives of adventurers. But they are free to communicate. The only thing we could intervene in is if they say too much about the show’s content and spoil future episodes. They are subject to a confidentiality agreement. They have no right to denigrate other adventurers. We are in a framework of good education, “he said.

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Therefore, they will not reveal yet unpublished intrigues, but here are the links of the respective stories of the 20 emblematic candidates chosen to participate in Koh-Lanta La Légende to start following them now and discover what parts of their personality and their lives that They have decided to share with their community.

Number of participations: 1

Best perf. : winner of season 21 The 4 Lands (Fiji, 2020)

Number of participations: 1

Best perf. – Eliminated on Day 32 of Season 21 The 4 Lands (Fiji, 2020)

Number of participations: 2

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