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Koh-Lanta, the Legend: the big surprise of the production to the eliminated candidates

The second episode of Koh-Lanta, the Legend confirmed the surprise reserved by the production for the candidates eliminated during the council. They can decide to join the Isle of the Banned, with a chance to return to the game afterwards.

The sentence of the adventurers is therefore not totally irrevocable in this All-stars edition of Koh-Lanta. Karima and Ugo could see it when they were about to leave the adventure game of TF1. Come face to face with a sign asking them to make a choice: either stay in the adventure by being able to rely only on themselves, or accept the decision of their comrades, and leave.

Obviously, neither of them made the choice to start. And so it is on the Island of the Banned that Karima and Ugo met. They were joined at the end of this second episode by Patrick and Cindy, both eliminated in a surprising council where the winners of the immunity test were given the power to immunize a candidate of their choice. Clémence chose to save Maxime, who was in trouble with the men. While Loïc saved Alexandra, she also threatened with women.

An island already seen in 2012

This is not the first time that the Island of the Banned has appeared in an edition of Koh-Lanta. In 2012, in Malaysia, she welcomed Bernard, Élodie, Nadine and Philippe. But the latter had been isolated there at the start of the game while waiting to join their respective tribes. This time, this island represents a second chance for the adventurers eliminated during the councils.

But beware. Not all will be able to save their heads, and resume the course of the adventure as if nothing had happened. As specified during this second episode of Koh-Lanta, the Legend, they will have to compete against each other in events that will take place in an arena to hope to have a chance to come back to their comrades. In case of defeat, this is the way out. This time with no hope of return. It is at the time of reunification that the last two banished still present will be able to return… to everyone’s surprise.

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