Koh-Lanta, the Legend: strong emotions this Tuesday, September 14 with the formation of the 2 teams and the first confrontation of the banned

Koh-Lanta fans have an appointment this Tuesday with episode 3 of the All-Stars edition “The Legend”. An episode rich in twists and turns since it will be marked by the constitution of the Yellow and Red teams, and will see the “banished” take their place in the arena to play their last chance to stay in the game.

The Koh-Lanta adventure will be completely relaunched with the birth of two new tribes. “Two teams with a respected parity, four women and four men,” announces Denis Brogniart. A major change that will completely reshuffle the cards and force all candidates to new strategies.

On the Isle of the Banned, the survivors of the Council believe for their part in their second chance. Everything will be played out for them in the arena, “an oh-so-important place in Koh-Lanta The Legend”, insists Denis Brogniart.

“Those who have been eliminated will find themselves there (…) They will face each other with the extraordinary prospect for the best of them to return to the adventure as if nothing had happened at the time of reunification ( …) A very emotional moment ”.

Who will be eliminated permanently from Cindy, Karima, Patrick or Ugo?

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