She still thinks about it. It is on his Instagram account that Coumba expressed his regret regarding his betrayal of Candice, eliminated during the fifth episode of Koh-Lanta, the Legend.

While Coumba was one of the main supporters of the strategy aimed at uniting women – who started the adventure separate from men – against male adventurers, and in particular the strongest like Claude Dartois, she finally reneged on her strategy in the face of this latest. By letting Candice wear the hat. Clémence Castel having played her immunity collar to perfection, it was therefore Candice who was eliminated after a second ballot, with the bad surprise of discovering that Coumba had voted against her.

“I had not at all anticipated this vote of Coumba against me”, she was surprised, obviously bitter. “She comes out of it quiet when it was she who had the idea and maybe I’m in the sights of the boys when at no time did I say that I wanted to see Claude leave. She adds. A betrayal widely commented on by viewers on social networks at the time of the broadcast of the show.

Coumba expresses his regret

And it is today, on Instagram, that Coumba returned to this moment which drew the wrath of Internet users.

“Candice, my biggest regret on this adventure. I am so ashamed of myself. You trusted me and I betrayed you. You were counting on me and I didn’t live up to it. This adventure drives you crazy, makes you lose your lucidity and I haven’t thought about it, ”she begins. “It’s been 4 months since we came back from the adventure and there hasn’t been a day when I haven’t regretted my behavior towards you. I will never be able to make up for what I have done but I will do anything to be forgiven and redeem myself even if it has to last all my life… I have been execrable and not correct towards you and I am sorry my doll. I adore you my beautiful, you are so extraordinary. Forgive me, ”she continues.

True to herself, Candice took care to respond kindly so as not to overwhelm her. “You have been forgiven for a long time my Coumba … Thank you for your words”, she wrote. A respectful and honorable reaction.


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