Koh-Lanta: Karima angry at her “bad image”, the production responds

Accused by Karima of conveying a false image of her as “wicked”, the production of Koh-Lanta reacts and drives the point home by pointing out “the character of the candidate”.

Contacted by Télé-Loisirs on Wednesday, Julien Magne defends himself against any caricature. “There is no pet or pet peeve” in the show, says the producer of Koh-Lanta (Adventure Line Productions).

“The character of Karima that appears on the screen is hers in the adventure and it is not the editing that shows it. Just watch the first episode and the reactions of some of the girls. Their words and their way of perceiving Karima, they lived it, there was no editing in there. We only relate this point of view of certain adventurers, on its hard side, which puts pressure on it, ”he continues.

There is “no will to harm”, he also specifies, recalling that Karima “had nothing to complain about in 2015 on any negative image”. “We don’t invent anything. You have to make choices and that’s the principle of editing. There is no anti-Karima Kabbalah. After, obviously, a show is three days of filming. Karima was not tense 24 hours a day, but that’s what explained her elimination and her arrival in the arena. We tell the main stories that allow viewers to understand the evolution of the adventure, ”adds Julien Magne.

The exasperated candidate

“We still laughed a lot with the girls… Where are these images?” Karima asked in a video posted on Twitter on September 14th. The adventurer said to make the observation of attribution of roles through the assembly of the show.

“Each person has a small role to play: the bad guy, the good guy, the sportswoman? Finally I do not understand. And if I do not manage to recognize myself, it is because there is a problem… ”, she declared.

Is the image given by the show true to reality or not?

The messages posted on the networks reveal the negative perception that many viewers have of it: “Karima she always seems to have the seum”, “I did not miss Karima, always making the face “There Karima, she must jump, she destroyed my evening”, or “Karima or the evil spirit permanently”.

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