Koh-Lanta: Denis Brogniart reveals what he would say to his children if they wanted to participate

Viewers will find Denis Brogniart in animation for “Koh-Lanta: The Legend” in a few days on TF1 with the show’s most iconic candidates. But what if one of your four children wanted to play the adventure game?

This is the question posed to him, and to which he obviously answered, our colleagues at the magazine. Sat Hebdo Cable. “Go ahead,” launches the host of Koh-Lanta without hesitation. According to him, if Dimitri, Lili, Violette or Blanche asked him the question, he couldn’t do it on a whim. But the result of deep reflection and the expression of a real desire to improve oneself. “To announce something like this you have to think it through, there is a reflection and a motivation. Let it go and give it one hundred percent so you don’t regret anything “, explains Denis Brogniart.

Obviously, for the moment, there is no doubt that your children will try their luck at the show. The oldest, Dimitri, is 20 years old.

The host is also the father of three daughters born from a second marriage, twins Lili and Violette, 16, and the youngest, Blanche, 14.

Despite her bond with Denis Brogniart, if they ever decided to try the adventure, they would have to pass, whatever happens, the casting test. And he gets the green light for the production of the adventure game directed by Alexia Laroche-Joubert. A path full of pitfalls that shows the exceptional luck of the candidates selected for each edition.

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