Koh-Lanta celebrates its 20th anniversary: ​​returns to the show in 20 figures

Issued from this Tuesday, August 24, the Koh-Lanta La Légende season will mark the 20 years of existence of the mythical adventure game. The opportunity to return to the history of the show whose numbers make you dizzy.

377 candidates participated in Koh-Lanta, including ten Belgians, four Swiss, one Luxembourgish and one Monegasque.

6 All-Star seasons have been organized (the number goes up to 7 if we count The Island of Heroes, which brought together new and old candidates).

14 countries hosted the shootings, including Thailand, Costa Rica, Panama, Vanuatu, the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Fiji, Brazil and Malaysia.

2 presenters followed. In fact, the first season was hosted by the late car champion Hubert Auriol. Denis Brogniart, who at that time was already the announcer, took the reins of the show.

336 people work on the TF1 program reports. This figure includes film crews, but also those working in post-production. Among the candidates, the technicians and the medical staff, there are in fact 150 people who would physically go to record the shows.

700,000 euros. This would be the average cost of a Koh-Lanta episode, according to Lefigaro.fr.

331 shows have been filmed since the first broadcast on August 4, 2001. 4.2 million people watched this first episode.

59 teams competed in the various comfort and immunity tests.

55. This is the number of retirements from all seasons combined. 42 for medical reasons and 13 voluntary departures. Special mention for season 3 that had known no less than 6 retreats: 5 doctors and 1 volunteer.

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