Meet Ibrahim Qadri Shah Rukh Khan Doppelganger: The resemblance of many famous faces is seen in the world of Bollywood. Many great artists have been seen many times with their doubles. Recently, images of Shahrukh Khan’s stunt double Ibrahim Qadri are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Ibrahim looks like Shahrukh. Ibrahim Qadri’s style and way of speaking seem to be very similar to King Kong. After seeing the photo of Ibrahim Qadri on social networks, fans were stunned, who is Ibrahim Qadri, who seems to give Shahrukh a lot of competition in the appearance of him.

You know the name of this lookalike. The name of this lookalike is Ibrahim Qadri. Ibrahim Qadri is quite popular on social media and has gained a lot of recognition by becoming a double for Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh Khan’s double told an anecdote related to himself and said that once Shahrukh’s fans surrounded him in the middle. He then he had to call the police to get out of that crowd.



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