Know where the fame of Mohabbatein Jugal Hansraj is today, miles from India, he’s giving up acting

You must remember the chocolate boy hero from the movie Mohabbatein. We are talking about Jugal Hansraj. Whose tenderness and beautiful smile had made a place in the hearts of all the girls at that time. The movie was a success, but Jugal Hansraj was also liked by people. By the time Jugal Hansraj entered the cinema, there was a lot of discussion about his intelligence. But today Jugal is not seen in movies. So where are they after all? And what are you doing… .So let us tell you in detail about Jugal Hansraj.

Jugal Hansraj may not be active in movies today, but he’s still completely busy. That is why he is completely busy with other jobs except acting. He composes music and also writes books. In 1998 he composed the title of Karan Johar’s film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. In 2017, he also published a book titled An Unsuitable Boy. At the same time, now in 2017, his second book will soon be published. on which you are working.

Actor Jugal Hansraj married banker Jasmine Dhillon in 2014. And they also have a son who is based in New York. But his work continues in India as well. He may not be seen in Bollywood movies, but he loves writing scripts for Bollywood movies. He has written the stories for many movies. Roadside Romeo was written and directed by Jugal Hansraj and the film won the National Award for Best Animated Feature Film.


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