Kluivert loves the Cup

Kluivert loves the Cup

Neither a new coach nor the illusion of the ‘small’. Valencia did not give Sporting room to dream of the Cup beyond the round of 16. Between cavaniwho signed another double as a black and white (seven goals in total), and kluivertwho is going the tournament (he has two goals and two assists), put the classification of Gattuso’s team on the fast track, who reached the break with a three-goal advantage and extended the rout in the second half through the mediation of Linen. So Valencia will repeat in the next draw, confirming that the Cup is their particular oasis.

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Those of Gattuso came out with bite, with attitude, involved in the task. The Italian’s lineup was quite a declaration of intent: not a single rotation. The few changes he made in the eleven were due to injury: Foulquier for Thierry, Cënk for Diakhaby and Gabriel for Cömert. The rest, those of the Super Cup against Madrid. Including Lato, who as an insider is earning a real renewal offer and not a joke like the one he was offered in his role as a winger.

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The claims of Valencia from the initial whistle caught the rojiblancos off guard, who had enough to remember that the tenant of their bench was Miguel Ángel Ramítez and not Abelardo. The canary, with just 48 hours in office, had little room for maneuver and the tactical change he proposed turned out to be a frog. Ramírez opted for a defense of four and high pressing, but He made so many waters that after the break he returned to the three centrals for which he bet pitu in his last games for El Molinón.

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Sporting had no option to get into the game at any stage of it. Valencia’s performance was serious, with hardly any cracks in the transitions and with a lot of punch. The speed of Kluivert, the best and most influential of all, and Lino destroyed the Asturians, while Cavani’s definition finished them off. The Uruguayan has returned from Qatar better than he left. So those who thought in the summer that he was signing for Valencia with no other purpose than to prepare for the World Cup… failed. Sporting, after a second half that was a formality, to focus on the league, which is also urgent for Valencia.


Carlos Izquierdoz (45′, Daniel Queipo), Hugo Hard (57′, Edison Cavani), Fran Perez (66′, Toni Lato), Hugo Guillamón (66′, Andre Almeida), Ilaix Moriba (66′, Yunus Musah), Victor Campuzano (66′, Juan Otero), Christ Gonzalez (66′, Giovanni Zarfino), Aurochs Milovanovic (66′, Uros Djurdjevic), Jesus Vazquez (74′, Justin Kluivert), Pol Valentin (86′, Diego Sanchez)


0-1, 9′: cavani0-2, 20′: Justin Kluivert0-3, 38′: cavani0-4, 63′: samuel lino


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