Kluivert asks for the floor

EI Valencia made its debut in the Copa del Rey, its burning nail in the Lim era, doing what it had to do and does not always happen in these winter rounds: win and go through. He did it without haste, without surprises and with Kluivert taking advantage of the opportunity in La Nucía. Goal and assist from the Dutchman, who put things in their place from minute 3. Ilaix Moriba and Hugo Duro sealed the victory for the ché.

Gattuso’s eleven had market key messages. The first, that with Nico’s injury he has no other pivot than Guillamón, so until a reinforcement arrives – or a setback happens – he will play everything. Another is that their forever goalkeeper is Mamardashvili, although Gattuso had the detail of making Herrerín debut with the tie resolved. Finally, that Vázquez continues to be a winger and Lato, in interior mode because there is little money and what is urgent is a ‘6’.

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Valencia entered the game as Kluivert for his home. The Dutchman slipped into the Jaume Valens area like Moses by the Red Sea. César Ferrando was desperate on the wing seeing how his game plan was shattered at the speed that Kluivert left three defenses. The ‘9′ does not finish getting a fixed place in Gattuso’s eleven and the Cup is not there to waste it.

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Neither did Jesús Vázquez miss the opportunity to vindicate himself, author of the assist of Ilaix Moriba’s 0-2, which sealed the tranquility that only Josema had disturbed in the 23rd minute, who did in front of Mamardashvili what Gerard Moreno did last Saturday, forgiving the tie at an empty goal. There were no more fissures in Gattuso’s men, who beyond Hugo Duro’s goal, after Lato’s cross, a boy who is always willing to add, played to see time pass in the second half.


0-1, 2′: Justin Kluivert0-2, 30′: Moriba Kourouma0-3, 71′: Hugo Hard


Referee: Mario Melero Lopez
J. Martin (59′,Yellow) Jorge Garcia (62′,Yellow) Ruben Iranzo (86′,Yellow)

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