Home Sports KL Rahul did a heartwarming job, knowing you’ll be waving too

KL Rahul did a heartwarming job, knowing you’ll be waving too

KL Rahul did a heartwarming job, knowing you'll be waving too

<p estilo="text alignment: justify;"Indian cricket team player KL Rahul is often in discussion due to his performance. But this time he has done such a thing, knowing that you will also greet him. KL Rahul has helped financially in the surgery of an 11 year old boy. Rahul has donated Rs 11 lakh for the operation of Varad admitted to a hospital in Mumbai. Because of this, he is being highly praised.

<p style="text alignment: justify;"Varad Nalwade, who was battling a rare blood disease, needed Rs 35 lakh for a bone marrow transplant. To this end, parents from Varad started a campaign last December to raise Rs 35 lakh through an NGO. When Rahul got this information, he donated Rs 31 lakh. This move by KL Rahul is being highly praised on social media.

<p style="text alignment: justify;"According to the Live Hindustan news website, KL Rahul said: "When I heard about the Varad state, I asked my team to contact the NGO Give India. Through this I wanted to help you. I am glad that the Varad's surgery was successful. I hope reason will soon stand up. I hope this contribution of mine will inspire more and more people to step up and help those in need."

<p style="text alignment: justify;"Let us tell you that KL Rahul, the legendary player of Team India, is currently on break due to injury. He was injured in the second match of the ODI series against the West Indies. That is why he is not part of the T20 and Test series against Sri Lanka.

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