Kiyosaki: Bitcoin to $120,000

Bitcoin (BTC) successfully leads the crypto market into a new era of boom marked by an impressive turnaround across the board. Within the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has a increase of 0.85%, bringing the price to $30,417.96.

The volatility of this leading cryptocurrency appears to be easing somewhat. Amidst these developments, Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has put a brand new price target on Bitcoin attributed.

Kiyosaki’s prediction and advice for investors

Through his official Twitter account, Kiyosaki shared his views on BRICS countries’ recent move to embrace the gold standard. He predicts that these countries are expected to make an announcement about a gold-standard cryptocurrency next month, potentially changing the status quo in the valuation of the US dollar (USD).

In light of the looming USD devaluation, Kiyosaki characteristically advises his followers to acquire gold and silver as a hedge against expected inflation to pick up significantly in the coming months. The culmination of his latest warning was his prediction that Bitcoin’s price will reach an impressive $120,000 next year.

Kiyosaki remains bullish on Bitcoin

As a leading investor with proven market and investment strategies, Robert Kiyosaki remains one of Bitcoin’s most outspoken advocates. His recent price prediction is testament to his continued optimism about Bitcoin, despite recent events that have led to the loss of confidence among many traditional investors in this important digital currency.

Kiyosaki maintains his status as a social commentator and provides investors with valuable insights. As previously reported, Robert has low confidence in the banking sector and predicts that more banks are expected to fail in the coming months/years. Countless observers are waiting with patient interest to see if his optimistic predictions for BTC will materialize.

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