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Kiri, Vache qui Rit, Babybel… the prices of these cheeses will soon increase

You or your children are fond of small playful cheeses such as Babybel, Kiri, La Vache qui Rit or Apéricube. But these products will soon be more expensive in stores, describes May 19. Blame it on inflation of course, but also on the rise in a good part of the raw materials that are essential for these cheeses. Questioned on the set of , Cécile Béliot, new general manager of the Bel group, speaks in the preamble of “tsunami of inflation”. Bel will therefore have no choice but to increase its prices.

“We do not have [d’autre] solution than to increase prices and to have a real transparent speech vis-à-vis our distributors to ensure that the whole value chain passes the wave”, she launches. On the set of our colleagues, Cécile Béliot highlights alarming figures such as raw materials which have increased by 37% and packaging by 30%.

Rethink the way of working

For the group which also owns Boursin, Cousteron, Materne, Mont Blanc, Port Salut and which also had Leerdammer under its control (before selling it last year to Lactalis), it will have to adapt. The general manager pleads for a necessary “cost optimization” in her company and a search for productivity. She also believes that it is necessary to “rethink” the products and their recipes. Especially since the war in Ukraine could also have long-term consequences, especially Russian gas. The situation can “evolve every quarter” because “nobody knows what will happen in Ukraine”, she adds.

Cécile Béliot also asks large retailers to “concede to these price increases” in order to “survive”. “Margins are now at a level that is extremely fragile. It’s us like the whole chain, it’s also true for farmers,” she says on . It remains to be seen now how consumers will react when prices have already been rising for several weeks. As , the prices of many products could soar again this summer. Pasta, coffee, or even toilet paper are concerned.


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