Aamir Khan’s ex-wife and film director, Kiran Rao, has re-entered the field of directing. This will be Kiran’s second time directing a film. 11 years ago, Kiran directed a movie called ‘Dhobi Ghat’ (2010). Like ‘Dhobighat’, actor Aamir is producing Kiran Rao’s second film under the banner of his production company ‘Aamir Khan Productions’.

When Aamir produced ‘Dhobighat’ and played a major role in it. At that time there was a relationship between husband and wife. But Aamir is now going to produce Kiran’s second movie, so there is a break in the relationship between the two. Both had announced their divorce on July 13 last year. Along with this announcement, the two also released a statement saying that the two will remain friends as before and continue to work on different types of projects.

The filming of this film, directed by Kiran, began on January 8 in different areas of Maharashtra. This is a social comedy film, in which Sparth Srivastava plays one of the main characters in three main characters. Sparth has played the lead role in the web series ‘Jamtara: Sabka Number Aayega’ and has additionally appeared in the series ‘Balika Vadhu’.

Apart from Sparsh, Pratibha Ratna and Nitanshi Goyal will also be seen playing leading roles in the film. Pratibha has worked in the Zee TV series ‘Kurbaan Hua’ while Nitanshi appeared in the series ‘Peshwa Bajirao’. A source associated with the movie set said that the shooting of the movie is being done by Corona keeping in mind all the guidelines and in view of the current situation, no negligence is being taken in it. The film has been written by Biplav Goswami while the script for the film has been written by Sneha Desai. The songs of the film have been written by Amitabh Bhattacharya and Ram Sampath has been in charge of composing the songs of the film.



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