Kingsman 3: Towards a sequel without Matthew Vaughn?

If the prequel The King’s Man: First Mission will finally be released for the December 29, 2021 after long postponements due to the covid-19 pandemic, we do not yet know what to do with the main saga which features the adventures ofEggsy (Taron Egerton) and Harry Hart (Colin Firth). Only one thing is certain, the end of the film Kingsman: The Golden Circle shows that a sequel is well and truly in the pipeline. Especially since the two feature films overseen by Matthew vaughn have been great critical and financial successes (The second opus recorded the trifle of 410 million dollars in revenue for 100 million budget).

If the score of The king’s man will have to be put into perspective given its lower expectations (the fault of the long period of postponements before its release), this does not prevent the FOX to think of a third film that would conclude the narrative arc ofEggsy. Filming should start in September 2022 corn Vaughn does not know if he will return behind the camera to direct the film. He answered, a little angry, to one of the magazine’s questions The Wrap :

” I have not decide yet. You are asking me right now if I want to make it happen when I have literally finished Argylle today. Now is not the time to wonder if I want to achieve it or not. At the moment, I don’t know. Give me a few months. May be. “

On the other hand, the filmmaker behind Kick-Ass and X-Men the Beginning seems to have a few ideas of different prequels behind their heads:

“If people like this movie, I think it would be fascinating to go through each decade, to see how the history of espionage has changed. I would kind of fast forward as fast as I can to get to the ’60s and start talking about the cold war. Imagine a scene where you are in the Kingsman tailor shop and you have the Beatles on Savile Row. It would be amazing to walk through British history through the eyes of the Kingsmans. “

In France, The King’s Man: First Mission will be released on December 29, while Argylle, will land on Apple TV + at a date still unknown.

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