Kingsman 3: Not before 2026!

The highly anticipated conclusion to the trilogy Kingmanwhich, according to the latest rumors, is titled “ Kingsman: The Blue Bloods“, will mark the return of British spies and fake tailors to the big screen. But filming won’t take place until 2025, it reveals Matthew Vaughn in an interview with Collider. The announcement finally moves forward the file for the sequel that fans have been wanting so much after the minor fiasco of the prequel The king’s man.

The reason for this long wait? The busy schedule of Taron Egertonthe iconic face by Eggsy in the duology. Egertonwhose career exploded Hollywood – He is also expected to appear in a variant of Wolverine Deadpool 3 multiplies major projects and limits his availability to resume his role by Eggsy. “That will be next year because Taron is very busy”explain Vaughnand referred to the actor’s engagements in other film and television productions.

Kingsman: The Blue Bloods » promises to complete the main saga by bringing back Taron Egerton and also Colin Firth. The rest of the cast is still unknown.

Parallel to, Taron Egerton continues to shine in other roles, such as in the miniseries “ blackbird » where he performs Jimmy Keenea performance for which he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. Egerton was also recognized for his role in “ Tetris«, the biopic about the entrepreneur Henk Rogersaired on Apple TV+.

Matthew VaughnHe, too, is not idle. After ” Argyle“, a spy action comedy with a star-studded cast but mixed reviews, the British director is gearing up for a busy period with not only ” Kingsman 3 » but also the announced restart of “ Kick ass » and a sequel to “ The king’s man“and thus expands the universe and mythology Kingman. We now have to wait until early 2025 to find out more.

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