Kings League Mercato Update: Transfers & News

The Kings League is currently experiencing a period of tranquility, a departure from the norm considering its usual dynamics. After the World Cup, it’s time to discard each set, and all we can do is wait for the new draft, which will mark the beginning of a new split.

So far, there hasn’t been much information available about the draft, beyond the standard mechanics. However, it was unclear whether there would be a market, player playoffs, or other features that had been present in previous drafts. But this has changed today.

The league has released a video on its official account, providing new details on these matters. The first piece of news is that teams will have the opportunity to re-sign discarded players, whether they’re from their own club or any other. To do so, they must give up their third pick in the draft and notify the league between July 1 and 3.

In addition, the draft date has been announced: it will take place in September and will feature negotiation tables. This means that team presidents will be able to discuss player exchanges and agreements during the draft. This also applies to the Queens League.

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The chaos of the first Mercato of the Kings League

The upcoming draft is likely to bring back memories of the first Mercato, a stage of the Kings League that was full of content and characterized by its chaotic nature, in which almost all players changed teams due to its format.

The operation was straightforward: 300 million to activate termination clauses and 100 million to sign. No team was able to retain its stars, and this led to no team having a similar template to what it was at the beginning. Additionally, the presidents found ways to make unexpected exchanges, and now the league is seeking to better regulate the transfer market without losing its entertainment value for the public.

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