King Willem-Alexander spoke at the end of the afternoon in Rotterdam with police, ambulance and fire personnel who were deployed during the riots in the city last Friday.

In the town hall, the king expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the emergency services involved and showed his compassion for the affected entrepreneurs.

Attacked by rioters

The fire chief told the king that a fire team had to leave the fire truck head over heels because of the rioting crowd while extinguishing a car fire. He said that had never happened before.

In addition to the firefighter, the king also spoke to a catering entrepreneur:

The king also spoke with entrepreneurs on Coolsingel and employees of the City Management Department who were deployed for repair and clearing work.

The king was received at the town hall by mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb. The Rotterdam police chief Fred Westerbeke and the boss of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Security Region Arjen Littooij were also present, regional broadcaster Rijnmond reports.

Aboutaleb thought it was “incredibly nice” that the king spontaneously comes to Rotterdam not only in good times, such as the opening of a museum depot, but also in bad times.


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