King Felipe VI closes the XIV Ibero-American Business Meeting calling for a common pool for economic recovery

King Felipe VI closed this Friday the XIV Ibero-American Business Meeting calling for a common pool for economic recovery and to continue working together and find the appropriate ways to counteract the destabilizing forces of the economy.

“In this way, it is about approximating our economies and sustained and sustainable economic growth over time, which helps to minimize those inequality gaps that persist and can be sources of tension in many societies. I encourage you to continue strengthening the ties that unite us. Let’s take advantage together of all the opportunities that the Ibero-American space offers us, ”he added.

Felipe VI highlighted that the Dominican Republic is an example of the relevance of having a strong private sector committed to the challenges of the country, to achieve lasting and stable growth, as well as the importance of close and adequate public-private collaboration to the achievement of the strategic objectives of an entire nation.

The president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, also participated in the closing ceremony of this international forum, who stressed that Latin America is one of the main markets in the world and is gaining more and more weight. “Now it’s about continuing to grow, but with one goal: to be an area of ​​cooperation, justice, business freedom and rights,” said Abinader.

“A forum that brings together more than a thousand businessmen, presidents of the leading Ibero-American companies, and whose vocation is to contribute to making Ibero-America more and promote relationships of trust between businessmen to grow and strengthen the Ibero-American business fabric, is the perfect setting for take a leap and work for what unites us, makes us grow and provides development and growth for our community”, added Luis Abinader.

The Dominican president intervened in the discussion of heads of state and government in which the presidents of Paraguay, Mario Abdo; from Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, and from Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. This panel was moderated by Andrés Allamand, Ibero-American Secretary General. The panel of leaders was joined by the President of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou.

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As part of the agenda for this day, the businessmen delivered to the Heads of State and Government a manifesto of commitment to investment to continue betting on the countries of Ibero-America, a new social pact, the defense of property rights and the freedom of companies, take on the challenge of digital transformation and pledged to invest in the development of human capital, among other issues.

The Ibero-American Commitment to Investment Manifesto was read by Antonio Garamendi, President of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and Permanent Secretary of the Ibero-American Business Council (CEIB); Celso Juan Marranzini, president of the National Council for Private Enterprise (CONEP); and María Paz Jervíz, executive president of the Chamber of Industries and Production of Ecuador.

During the last day of this international business meeting, the panels were developed: “Gender equality as a transforming engine of the new transitions”; “Infrastructure, energy and ecological transition in Latin America”; “Connectivity and digital transformation for a productive and sustainable innovation” and “Tourism in Latin America: the great lever for recovery”.

The XIV Ibero-American Business Meeting was organized by the National Council for Private Enterprise (CONEP), together with the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB) and the Ibero-American Business Council (CEIB), and was held within the framework of the XXVIII Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government.

During the second day of the XIV Ibero-American Business Meeting, the transfer of the pro tempore presidency of the Council of Ibero-American Entrepreneurs was carried out, which, in this case, fell to the president of the National Federation of Chambers of Industries of Ecuador and executive president of CIP, María Peace Jervis.

The XIV Business Meeting has been the one with the largest attendance, with more than 1,765 people registered in total, of which more than 1,500 attended in person and the rest were able to follow up on the content virtually and on a deferred basis.

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