Home World Kim Jong-un says North Korea supports Putin’s ‘all decisions’

Kim Jong-un says North Korea supports Putin’s ‘all decisions’

Kim Jong-un says North Korea supports Putin's 'all decisions'

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Wednesday that Pyongyang supports all of his decisions.

“Russia has now risen in a holy struggle to defend its sovereignty and security.” (…) We have always supported and continue to support all of President Putin’s decisions,” Kim told the Russian leader at the start of negotiations between the two at the Russian Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Siberian Amur region.

The North Korean leader trusted that the meeting with Putin would improve relations between the two to a new level for the benefit of “the people” of both countries.

Relations with Moscow, a priority for Pyongyang

“I hope that we will always stand together in the fight against imperialism,” he stressed, adding that relations with Moscow are currently “a top priority” for Pyongyang.

“We have many topics (to talk about), including politics, economics and culture,” he said.

The meeting between the two is expected to last several hours. The pair’s previous meeting in 2019 lasted three and a half hours.

Shortly before the summit, Putin told the press that he had chosen the Vostochi cosmodrome for the meeting because the North Korean leader had “a great interest in missiles.”

Asked whether he would talk about military cooperation with the North Korean leader, Putin replied: “We will talk about all issues without haste. We have time.”

The Vostochny cosmodrome, the construction of which is not yet completed, occupies an area of ​​​​109 hectares, on which the construction of more than 200 buildings and structures is planned.

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