Home World “Kim Jong-un doesn’t care too much about possible US sanctions”

“Kim Jong-un doesn’t care too much about possible US sanctions”

“Kim Jong-un doesn’t care too much about possible US sanctions”

The Russian and North Korean authorities agreed this Wednesday to hold new meetings in the near future after the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un, which took place at the Vostochny Cosmodrome. A meeting in which both toasted “an old friendship” and showed their good harmony and a common enemy that unites them: the United States, which has threatened Pyongyang with “new sanctions” if the rapprochement continues.Ramon Pacheco Pardo, The professor of international relations at King’s College London believes that there will be an agreement under which Pyongyang will supply weapons to Moscow, both artillery shells and rockets.

Do you think Kim Jong-un will risk selling weapons to Russia?

I don’t think Kim Jong-un cares too much about possible sanctions that the US, Europe and South Korea might impose. So I think he will transfer weapons to Russia, both artillery shells and perhaps missiles.

What can you expect from this summit?

I think Kim and Putin will announce cooperation between their countries and their resistance to the “imperialism” of the United States and perhaps NATO. But I don’t think they will announce the kind of arms transfer agreement they can reach.

Could it be a secret arms transfer deal?

I think it will remain secret, yes.

Will North Korea continue testing missiles and even conduct a nuclear test soon?

North Korea will certainly continue to conduct missile tests. He has no reason to stop, as no dialogue with the United States and South Korea is on his agenda. As for a possible nuclear test, I think even Kim doesn’t know whether he wants to do it or not.

Are Russia’s military relations with China becoming ever closer? What role does North Korea play in this new anti-Western axis?

North Korea is a military and diplomatic supporter of the China-Russia axis. But in my opinion his role is rather secondary.

Armament in Asia is increasing, in Japan as well as in South Korea and Australia. Is it fear of China or US-sponsored policies?

In my view, the main reason Australia, South Korea and Japan are arming themselves is the threat from China, especially since Xi Jinping took power and began pursuing a more aggressive foreign and military policy. This armament is therefore developing independently of US policy towards Asia and the Indo-Pacific. But it must also be said that both Canberra and Seoul and Tokyo fear the possible return to power of Trump in the United States or of a president who has the same ideas as Trump regarding Washington’s allies. Therefore, these countries are also arming themselves in order to be able to defend themselves without being overly dependent on the United States. It must also be added that this rearmament is a result of the fact that there is no organization similar to NATO in the region. European NATO members could afford to reduce their defense spending after the Cold War because it appeared that NATO would stop potential Russian aggression. But Asian countries never had this opportunity, which is why their defense spending is now higher than that of other countries.

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