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‘Kill your family’ YouTube video gets message to young child, parents scared

A British woman has warned her parents after her three-year-old son received a message from a YouTube video of his family being killed.

The video platform YouTube has videos on almost all topics and every user can easily search videos on YouTube according to their mood and taste.

While there are videos based on academic, educational topics, crime-promoting videos are also seen circulating on video platforms that attract younger viewers.

The story of a similar video came to light in Glasgow, Scotland, where the mother of a three-year-old child has asked all parents to keep an eye on their children while watching videos on YouTube.

The woman says her husband posted a video of his three-year-old son having a dinosaur video on YouTube to help the child learn to count, but during the video came an advertisement video of a joker inciting the child to commit a serious crime. Was

The woman said that the Joker seen in the advertisement video was sending a message to my son to kill his family with a knife and to carry out this message, the Joker cut off the necks of children and mutilated corpses during the video. Also show pictures of

The British woman said that her husband and she were shocked to see the video, after which they lodged a complaint on the video sharing platform, after which YouTube deleted the video.

The woman said she would take further legal action to stop the video because her son was too young to respond to the video, otherwise the message would have been dangerous.


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