Kiku Sharda mocked Krishna in the fight with Govinda, said: ‘Raja Babu doesn’t see him these days’

On the next episode of the comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, two big stars of the Kapoor family, Randhir Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor, will be seen as guests. Recently, a promotional video for this upcoming show was shared on social media showing show host Kapil Sharma talking to Karisma and Randhir in his family style. Meanwhile, actress Sunny Deol is seen dancing with Kiku Sharda in the song ‘Yara O Yaara’ from Karishma’s film ‘Jeet’.

Comedian Krishna Abhishek also enters during the show, who is seen in Dharmendra’s garb. Let us tell you that Krishna Abhishek, who became a Dharmendra in one place during the show, tells actress Karishma that I am his big fan and I only saw his movie ‘Raja Babu’ last night. Mocking Krishna on this matter, Kiku Sharda tells Karishma: “He saw Raja Babu, but the Raja Babu that he is today does not see him.” Hearing this from Kiku, all the people present started laughing and laughing.

Actually, Kiku was pointing towards Raja Babu, that is, Govinda. Let us tell you that these days there is a dispute between the Govinda family and Krishna Abhishek. Krishna’s sister-in-law Sunita has even said that she does not even want to see Krishna’s face while she is alive. At the same time, on this comment from Sunita, Krushna Abhishek’s wife Kashmera also retaliated and said who is Sunita? These people (Govinda and Sunita) do not matter in our lives. However, let us tell you that there is a lot of discussion about Kiku Sharda’s recent comment.

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