Kidnapped child recovered from BJP leader’s house

The 7-month-old child kidnapped from Mathura railway station was recovered from the BJP councillor’s house, the police arrested 8 people including the leader.

According to Indian media, last week, a 7-month-old baby was kidnapped while sleeping with his parents at the Mathura railway station in Uttar Pradesh. Recovered from Councilor Vinita Agarwal’s house. Police have arrested 8 people including a BJP leader, her husband and two doctors on the charge of child abduction. Among those arrested is the man who was caught on camera lifting the child from the platform.

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During a press conference held by the Railway Police in Mathura, the officers handed over the rescued child to his mother. Meanwhile, the police also showed the bundles of Rs 500 notes which were recovered from the arrested doctors who kidnapped the child.

On this occasion, the police also busted a gang that abducted and sold children. Police officer Mohammad Mushtaq said that the abduction was carried out by a gang involved in trafficking for money. He said that one named Deep Kumar. The person ran away with the child. He is a member of a gang that includes two doctors who run a hospital in Hathras district. Some medical personnel and other people are also involved in the gang. Those who found the child at home, said that they had only one daughter and wanted a son, so bought the child.

According to police, Vinita Agarwal, a BJP councilor in Ferozabad, 100 km from Mathura, and her husband allegedly bought the baby from two doctors for Rs 1.8 lakh. The couple wanted a son, as they only had one daughter.

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On the other hand, there is no reaction from the arrested councilor or the BJP so far in this matter.

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