KickToken: New financial result

Kick Ecosystem is a fintech institution that combines synergetic cryptocurrency tools. Kick Ecosystem was founded in 2017 and consists of 12 different services. The ecosystem encompasses all vectors of cryptocurrency work – from education (KickAcademy) to trading (KickEX) and referral system (KickRef).

The ecosystem also includes KickToken, its proprietary cryptocurrency, which is used both in commerce and as an internal payment tool. The creator of Kick Ecosystem is Anti Danilevski. He has been working in the crowdfunding and blockchain industry since 2011. Known for founding KickICO, which became the first element of the system and was a leader in the crowdfunding market. In 2017, the company led by Danilevsky raised approximately $20 million for various cryptocurrency projects. Kick Ecosystem development started in 2015. The first part of the ecosystem – KickICO – was launched in 2017.

The Kick Ecosystem consists of a number of different services, each of which can function both separately and with the ecosystem. Below is a brief overview:

  • KickEX is a licensed digital asset exchange with the lowest cost and most profitable referral program. As of May 2022, more than 50 tokens were listed on the exchange, with a monthly trading volume of between $30 million and $90 million. KickEX also has the lowest trading fees of all the top exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase. This fall, the exchange plans to launch margin trading, developers are currently working hard on it.
  • KickRef is a KickEX referral program. This is a turnkey fintech solution for passive income.
  • KickAcademy is an educational project for fintech entrepreneurs
  • KickICO is a fundraising platform launched in 2017. It is made for startups that want to attract investment through the sale of tokens.
  • KickWallet is a standalone cryptocurrency wallet that supports all trading pairs traded on KickEX.
  • KickID is the element that connects the Kick Ecosystem. Allows automatic access to all platforms when the person enters one of the ecosystem platforms without re-registration.
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In the spring of 2022, the ecosystem will consolidate 18,000 private investors. 35 startups have been funded on the platform. The ecosystem has 70,000 supporters worldwide. Since April 14, 3 hours UTC, KickEX crypto exchange has the lowest spot fees on the market!

Lower withdrawal costs

In addition, KickEX has significantly reduced the fees charged when withdrawing cryptocurrency from the exchange. The team has received similar requests many times, and as part of the global cost reduction, KickToken will meet you halfway through. The aim of this change is to increase arbitrage opportunities for KickToken traders, making trades between exchanges as comfortable and accessible as possible for everyone.

Future plans regarding benefits

KickToken plans to introduce negative fees for third party market makers and liquidity providers if they receive such request. Here is a short text from CEO Anti Danilevski about this:

“We are expanding the trading options at KickEX to make the trading environment more interesting for our users,” said Anti Danilevski, the CEO and founder of the exchange. “Today, KickEX offers the lowest possible spot fees of all other top exchanges, and that includes withdrawal costs. This is how KickEX aims to focus on expanding the toolkit and creating a favorable trading environment. We are open to new coins being added to our service, especially coins that have not yet appeared on other exchanges, to develop synergetics.”

Speaking of expanding the toolkit, Anti Danilevski also adds that the KickEX team is working on the introduction of margin trading to the exchange, which is expected to arrive this fall.

There are currently 50 coins listed on the KickEX exchange, including its own KickToken.

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