Kiara Adavni shares photos from her beach vacation, says goodbye on the last day of 2021

Kiara Advani has left to welcome the new year with Sidharth Malhotra. The media camera had also seen him hanging out with Siddharth at the airport. In such a situation, Kiara also shares beautiful images from her beach vacation with her fans. This couple, who worked together on Shershah, look more beautiful in real life than on the big screen. Although both have not confessed their love to the world to date, but you know that every news of the stars falling in love spreads like fire through the corridors of Bollywood. Well, Kiara has said goodbye to the year 2021 with these beautiful images.

In the shared image, Kiara is wearing a hoodie and keeps her hair open. Kiara has posted photos making different faces while applying the Insta filter. With what he has written in the caption that- My mood is like this on the last day of 2021 …

The work of Siddharth and Kiara, who were seen together on Sher Shah, was well received by the audience. Along with Siddharth, the role of Kiara was also highly praised. Fans like to see their partner. Every day the fan club of this couple continues to share their beautiful images by editing them.

While talking about these love birds, these two are often seen together. The beautiful photos of this couple at a dinner have been captured many times by media cameras. The chemistry of both is very pleasing to the public and their fans. Now we just wait for the announcement of these two to be seen that when this couple brings their relationship to the world, well until then you will have to entertain your heart only after seeing these beautiful photos of them.

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