Kharkiv bombed and Moscow eyeing the downed American drone

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news of the day

Kharkiv was shelled in the morning. “The Russians again hit civilian infrastructure in Kharkiv. There were no casualties. Emergency services are working on site. The extent of the destruction is being clarified,” announced the governor of this region bordering Russia. A school was hit, said presidential adviser Andriy Yermak, without causing any casualties.

sentence of the day

Ukraine won another decisive victory against the aggressor, this time before the British Supreme Court. »

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to the decision of the British justice to organize a trial before the High Court on a loan of 3 billion dollars granted to Ukraine by Russia in 2013, and which Kiev refuses to repay. “Ukraine will be allowed to defend” its point of view, say the judges, while the Kremlin wanted to go through a faster procedure. Kie believes that this loan was accepted “as a result of massive economic and political pressure from Russia”.

The number of the day

400,000. This is the number of new soldiers that Russia hopes to recruit by launching a campaign from April 1. The Russian Ministry of Defense is said to have already sent orders telling the different regions how many contracts they must sign.

The trend of the day

The American drone shot down yesterday in the Black Sea is fueling tensions between Russia and the West. Moscow has said it wants to recover the wreckage of the drone, opening the door to fear of reverse engineering research. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin calls on Russia to “operate its military aircraft in a safe and professional manner”, while affirming that Washington will continue to fly its own aircraft “wherever international law allows it”.

This incident “is a signal from Vladimir Putin that he is ready to expand the conflict zone”, warns the secretary of the Ukrainian Security Council Oleksiï Danilov. Vladimir Putin intends in any case to strike the West on the plan of the sanctions, and could publish a decree to suspend the conventions on the double taxation with the “unfriendly” countries.

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