Key factor for RCD Espanyol to sign Denis Suárez

The midfielder wants to return to Catalan soil

Denis Suarez could play again in the city of Barcelona but this time with the elastic RCD Espanyol. From the Perico squad they are very excited with the idea of ​​having a player as experienced and also talented as the Galician midfielder. However, there is an issue that must be solved beforehand in the Catalan painting.

Basically if the blue and white set wants the services of the midfielder former Barcelona, you will have to let out another player who occupies a similar tile. This is due to economic issues and to adjust a wage bill that has cost him to align the sports director Sunday Catoira.

Denis Suarez Espanyol
To carry out the signing of Denis Suárez, they must first sell to RDT.

If Espanyol wants Denis Suárez, they will have to first sell RDT

In the discards and outputs folder in the Perico box, the name of RDT leads these intentions. The attacker from Madrid has not played a single minute in the three league games so far, and if his agent does not get him a new team, he will suffer great ostracism from Galician coach Diego Martínez.

On the other hand, the sports and general management of Espanyol is also working on the departure of the capital’s striker, since the arrival of Denis Suárez depends on this movement. Practically the card of the Madrilenian will be for the Galician, but the two salaries do not fit in the template, and less in a very tight wage bill.

Espanyol’s options with RDT that would welcome the signing of Denis Suárez

Right now the Catalan club has two offers that could take shape in the next few hours. One of them is right here in LaLiga Santander and it’s Sevilla FC. Monchi tried to sign the attacker a few months ago but Espanyol’s repeated refusals reduced interest in his services. However, that interest blossoms again in the face of Lucas Boyé’s refusal.

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The second offer does seem a bit difficult to be produced but it is still in the pipeline. This is from Manchester United, who are not satisfied with the work of Cristiano Ronaldo and Anthony Martial. If this transfer desire is activated again, it is most likely that the same player will opt for the offer to go to the Premier League.

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