Mourning in the athletics world for the death of Kenyan athlete Agnes Jebet Tirop. The 25-year-old athlete has been found dead in her home in Iten (Kenya) after de having received several stab wounds allegedly at the hands of her husband, as noted in a statement by Athletics Kenya.

Tirop was one of the great figures of Kenyan athletics, achieving numerous successes such as the bronze obtained in the 10,000 meters test of the 2019 Doha Athletics World Championships or the women’s world record of the 10 kilometers which pulverized last month in Germany with a record of 30:01.

Tirop not only shone on the asphalt or tartan, as she was also proclaimed cross county world champion in 2015, becoming the second youngest athlete to do so, in addition to winning the African Cross County Championship in 2014 and the Junior World Championship of the modality in 2013.


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