They seem to agree. Where one runs, the other runs. First round, Montecarlo Rally. Second round, Rally de Portugal. And now It has just been confirmed where the third duel between the two ‘Sebastians’, Loeb and Ogier, will take place. The Safari Rally, the sixth round of the World Championship, which will take place in Kenya at the end of June, will be the stage where the two French champions will meet again. Bad luck prevented us from seeing them shine on Portuguese lands last weekend, but there is always a new opportunity.

Earlier this week, Toyota confirmed Ogier’s participation in the African event, in which he won last year. In the case of the Gap rider, his program in the Endurance World Championship is what conditions his participation. As for the date of the Safari he had no evidence of circuits, because he has not doubted it.

Today Ford confirmed Loeb’s presence in Kenya. “It was exciting to see that we were competitive in Portugal with the Puma, which was good to show that it is a fast and competitive car on gravel,” explained the Alsatian. “Kenya is a very different terrain than Portugal. I don’t know the current version of the rally but I have seen some videos of the timed ones and they are very different from each other, they seem to have irregular floors, with very large stones”.

“I think it’s the rally I have the most memories of. When I ran there, it was very different. The longest timed was 120 km and we had a helicopter over our cars announcing any wildlife that might appear around us. Now it is very different and more like a normal rally as it is more affordable than before, but the difference for me compared to Portugal is that I have no experience on their current stages. It’s always much more complicated when you arrive at a rally you’ve never raced before, it won’t be easy but I’m very happy to be able to take part in it”, says Loeb. In his case, he has never been victorious in the Safari, and in fact it is the only big-name rally in which he has not achieved victory. He ran in 2002 and finished fifth.


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