Katsikaris praises Hannah: “He’s a basket expert”

Andorra host Unicaja after winning the Eurocup. “I always watch and prepare the team to face the best version of the rival. At the beginning of the season with a squad with new members, it has been difficult for them and now they are better. They are talented, physical, they play at home. It is going to be a very difficult match. We will have to defend well, they run the track well and produce a lot of points. We are doing a good job in that regard, we are one of the best teams in the League stopping the counterattack and it is important. Everyone is looking for those points in the open field and we are doing a good job ”.

Hannah. “He is the most decisive in the League at critical moments, he can put in baskets. You have to do a great job against him. If you let him play, he has talented players, you have to work collectively on defense and control the rebound ”.

Analysis. “We have to improve our numbers in attack. In the last games we have bad percentages of three. We have to look for balanced shots. We need to find a balance. I hope we are well, we are on the right track. It is also important to do well, the first quarters cost us a lot. I want us to play a solid match, it’s going to be long. We are going to try to make a recovery on Sunday and the Dijon game we prepare only with the video. It’s going to be more mental. We have a long staff and we can manage the minutes ”.

Important meeting. “Every game away is difficult for everyone. We did not turn out well, I said later that we must learn. It was a game that didn’t go the way we wanted, but in general the team is competing but we have to take care of some details to improve. We are making an effort to defend, there are not so many holes anymore and we are not soft. The team fights and has a good mentality, the question is to find the balance. All games are difficult, but they are teams with which we are going to fight for the playoffs. It is not easy at home or abroad, you have to be well prepared ”.

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Avoid defeats in the last play as against Gran Canaria. “We had it under control. There was a situation. Apart from Kramer’s shot, we made mistakes that we couldn’t make and there was a referee ruling. “

Is the King’s Cooa in danger? “We are still in the eighth day and I am sure that the margin of error is smaller. Every game is different and we focus on this one. We are going to do the best job we can do, I always hope that some players find their rhythm. Darío is one who is a scorer, who is not so fine after his injury. Bouteille trained better this week after his problems. As a group we are improving, I am happy with the mentality ”.

Dijon awaits on Monday in the BCL, hardly without rest. “The BCL format is more humane. I see it very interesting, it gives you the opportunity to train and play two games a few weeks, but not in a regular way and it wears you out so much. Every game is important, we want to finish first to avoid the playout. I see it very, very interesting. Now it’s our turn to play on Monday, Dijon has one more day off ”.

And then the Baskonia. “Every team is different, every team plays differently. The theme is preparing things to compete, a good preparation on the court and mentally. Each rival is in different conditions. You have to look at each game separately. You cannot watch a group of matches, each one has its own script. We go day by day ”.

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