Kate del Castillo celebrates that “The Queen of the South” moves away from the drug issue

For Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, the opportunity to be part of an action story as a "mature woman" in the series "the queen of the south" It is something that should be more common in projects and also celebrates the fact that history has moved away from the issue of drug trafficking.

"In these times it was so that they wrote us better characters and action. We women are women of action since we are born, we have to be to survive (…) I think the beauty of Teresa Mendoza (her character) is that she is a woman of a certain age -like me- she is not a ‘chavita’ ( young girl) and that gives her a physical maturity and all the life she has led"The 49-year-old actress responded to Efe on Tuesday at a virtual press conference.

Del Castillo recalled the best moments of the second season of the series that was broadcast in 2019 and is currently broadcast on the Telemundo Internacional network, as a prelude to the upcoming premiere of the third part of "the queen of the south"which only finished recording in December.

Although she confessed that it is the first season that she has the most affection for, the actress commented that she has enjoyed this new stage of history, since the series has gradually left drug trafficking issues behind, to the extent that it promises that the third delivery will be "a full action series".


Something that has returned to the controversy of the actress is the position of her father, also an actor Eric del Castillo, in front of the vaccines against the coronavirus, since he has spoken openly of his refusal to be vaccinated and although Kate assures that he has the two doses , confessed that at first he did not want to do it. "It is very easy to judge, I have my way of thinking, my parents too and I am not going to change them, I have tried.

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They don’t leave their house, they think they’re fine that way. I didn’t want to get vaccinated either and I think it’s too early to judge. The truth is that nobody knows what is happening, science is trying to understand what is happening with this virus. I recommend that you get vaccinated"it states.


In addition, the actress said that she cannot wait to return to Mexico, this time with her production house, Cholawood Productions, leading her own project in which she is the protagonist and regretted not having enough job offers in her country.

"We are going to film a modern version of ‘Anna Karenina’, by Leo Tolstoy. It’s going to be something totally different, it’s called ‘Beautiful Lie’, it’s the first series we’re going to do with my production company for a platform and that’s why I’m excited to return to my country"assured.

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