Karpov in an induced coma

Commotion in the world of chess. Former world champion Anatoli Karpov, 71, is in an induced coma in the intensive care unit of the neurology ward of the Sklifosovski hospital in Moscow. According to her daughter, Sofía, after a domestic accident. This is what she has confirmed in statements to the Russian media Mash, where has denied the rumors that, in the last hours, pointed to a possible attack last Saturday. Said version, spread through the Russian Telegram channel 112, assured, without citing sources, that the chess player had been found unconscious next to the headquarters of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament, where he is a deputy for United Russia, the party of Vladimir Putin. The doctors, according to the aforementioned channel, had been diagnosed with a head injurya fracture of the right hip and a strong state of intoxication.

The information about the origin of the events, therefore, contradicts each other. Karpov’s state, yes, according to various sources, would be stable. This has been indicated by the president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE), Arkady Dvorkovich. “According to my information, Karpov’s condition is stable”, he has expressed in the Russian media Championat. “I have just received news from a reliable source that former world champion Anatoli Karpov is fine. We look forward to a full recovery!” Susan Polgar shared. The assistant of the former world champion and organizer of the 2021 Candidates Tournament, Albert Stepanyan, at the TASS news agency, has stated on the same line. Like the chess player’s daughter, she also denies the possibility of an alleged assault, which had been reported by national publications such as Asset either Moskovsky Komsomolets. Also the head of the Russian Entrepreneurs Movement, Andrey Kovalev, who points to alleged aggressors, whom he hopes they will identify. “He is in critical condition in the hospital. God bless you. We pray for health. What a good person. I hope the villain is found, ”he says in statements collected by StarHit. “The information that Anatoli Karpov was beaten does not correspond to reality. It’s fake news.”has published, on the other hand, the agency RIA Nóvosti.

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Karpov held the title of world champion from 1975 to 1985. During his long career, He was the winner in more than 160 tournaments, either alone or sharing the first position, and remained among the top 100 in the ranking for 38 years. He was considered best player of the year nine times, winning the Chess Oscar, and played ten finals for the world title. You can’t understand the history of chess without him. Nor without his rivalry with Garry Kasparov, who dethroned him in a context that went far beyond sport. The world watched them in the midst of a climate of political tension, with which both lived from the beginning of their careers. Karpov, without going any further, sat on the throne for the first time due to the resignation of the American Bobby Fischer, who refused to defend the title against him. Three years later, and while a young Kasparov was beginning to shine, he defended him against Viktor Korchnoi, one of the best players ever without a world crown.

In total, Karpov, born in a family typical of the Soviet Union, and Kasparov, born in Baku and a representative of change, they met in five world championships, with 21 wins for the second, 19 for the first and 104 draws. Within his legend, the duel that began in 1984 and ended in 1985 stands out, in which Anatoli, 33, put his world title at stake against Garry, 21, in a confrontation suspended by the president of the International Chess Federation, Florencio Campomanes, due to physical and psychological exhaustion, after 40 boards. At the restart, Kasparov reached the scepter. After a schism that generated parallel world championships, Karpov added six more years as champion, from 1993 to 1999. Today, their off-board rivalry has continued, with Kasparov, exiled in New York, one of the great faces of the opposition to Putin.

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