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Karnataka Elections: In the areas where Modi campaigned, there was a furore

Karnataka Elections: In the areas where Modi campaigned, there was a furore

New Delhi: In the assembly elections in the Indian state of Karnataka, the Congress has defeated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Indian media say that in the areas where Prime Minister Modi and his Directly, Amit Shah campaigned for the election, where the party was badly defeated.

According to Indian media, the Bharatiya Janata Party has accepted defeat in the state of Karnataka and Chief Minister Baswaraj Bhomai has admitted that despite all the efforts of Prime Minister Modi and party workers, we could not win.

He said that after all the results are out, we will analyze it in detail, we will accept the results gracefully and get busy with the preparations for the Lok Sabha elections.

According to Indian media reports, one of the attractions of the Karnataka election campaign was the rallies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. According to the BJP’s own data, the party organized a total of 9,125 rallies and 13,77 road shows in Karnataka.

During the last two weeks of the election campaign, Prime Minister Modi organized 42 rallies, while Shah was not far behind and participated in 30 rallies.

Out of the 42 constituencies where PM Modi has held rallies, the BJP is trailing in at least 22 seats and was ahead in only 20 seats till 1 pm. Thus the efficiency of the Prime Minister has been only 47%.

Prime Minister Modi’s right-hand man Amit Shah’s record has been even worse, with the BJP leading only 37 percent in the areas where he has held rallies. Out of Amit Shah’s 30 rallies, the BJP was trailing in 19 seats and leading in just 11 seats till 1 pm.

In the meantime, let’s see what Modi said in his speeches.

In his opening speeches, he lamented that the opposition leaders abused him 91 times. He accused the Congress of insulting the Lingayat community, an influential community in Karnataka, but the prime minister changed the goalposts when Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi gave a turkey-by-turkey response to the prime minister’s speech.

In subsequent rallies, he accused the Congress of being subservient to the royal family, but both his gesture and statement were not liked by the people.

Modi didn’t stop there, he accused the Congress leaders of wanting to separate Karnataka from the country and tried to raise the issue of autonomy, but on this issue too the BJP had to pay lip service.

Modi then chanted Bajrang Bali as a sort of final arrow, he chanted Jay Bajrang Bali at the start and end of his speeches in Malki in coastal Karnataka and Ankula in Belhongal in Belagavi district.

He appealed to the voters to press the button chanting Jay Bajrang Bili when they go to vote. Referring to the Congress manifesto, he said that the Congress wants to put Bajrang Bili devotees in jail.

Interestingly, BJP stayed away from polarizing issues like hijab and Tipu Sultan in this election. However, the Prime Minister tried to raise the issue of ‘Love Jihad’ by mentioning ‘The Kerala Story’ in his speech in Bellary. Modi claimed that the film highlighted the impact of terrorism in the society.

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