Karan Johar’s Production House Conducts Rigorous Legal Review of Every Script to Avoid Court Cases: A Look into the Film Production Process

Karan Johar Opens Up About the Necessity of a Legal Team in Bollywood

Bollywood, the Indian film industry, has become a breeding ground for controversies, with many filmmakers now opting to have a legal team to protect their work from unwanted legal troubles. Karan Johar, one of the biggest producers in the industry, has spoken out about the importance of having a legal team, and the fear of getting into legal disputes that often plagues the industry.

Fear of Legal Trouble

In an interview, Karan revealed that his production house, Dharma Productions, now conducts internal censorship on all scripts before moving forward with a film. He explained that the fear of getting into any kind of legal dispute is a major concern, and having a legal department has become a necessity. "We do not want a court case, we do not want an FIR against us, so that we can survive," Karan said.

Bollywood: A Soft Target

Karan also stated that Bollywood has become a soft target for people who object to films, citing that these individuals often make noise for the wrong reasons. "There are a lot of people who keep saying or doing a lot of things and as soon as we say something, we are targeted. Then you are in the news everywhere. We are attacked online. We are a soft target, this is the truth," he said.

Recent Controversy

Karan had recently taken legal action against the director of the film ‘Shaadi’, who had allegedly used his name illegally in the title of the film. This incident highlights the importance of having a legal team to protect one’s work and reputation.

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By having a legal team, filmmakers can ensure that their work is protected from unnecessary legal troubles, and can focus on creating content that entertains and engages audiences. With the Indian film industry becoming increasingly prominent on the global stage, it is crucial that filmmakers take steps to protect themselves from controversy and ensure the long-term success of the industry.

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