Home Entertainment Karan Johar criticizes Rakesh Bapat for his ‘sexist comment’

Karan Johar criticizes Rakesh Bapat for his ‘sexist comment’

Karan Johar criticizes Rakesh Bapat for his ‘sexist comment’

Bigg Boss OTT’s ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ episode saw high-voltage drama as usual, with host Karan Johar berating contestants for their misdeeds. The show began with Karan Johar berating actor Rakesh Bapat for his recent comment in which he had made a ‘sexist’ comment. Rakesh Bapat had said during a homework assignment that “men are physically stronger than women …” Filmmaker Karan Johar criticized the actor for saying that women are weaker than men.

During the immunity task, Rakesh told Nishant that the symbol of disadvantage is the name Sahajpal because men are physically ‘stronger’ than women. ‘ Karan didn’t like this comment of hers at all. Host Karan Johar also seemed very angry about this. Calling his comments ‘sexist’, the filmmaker told Bapat: “How do you think women in the house are physically weaker than men?

Disagreeing with Karan Johar, Rakesh said the comment was made on the basis of physical strength. That was not my intention. I live in a house full of women, I know what it is, what power is and where it comes from. At the time he was only thinking of convincing Nishant. Later, Karan Johar spoke about Rakesh Bapat’s relationship with Shamita Shetty on the show. He said the recent stupid fights between the two of you are upsetting the audience a lot.

To this, Shamita said: ‘I’m pushing myself outside my comfort zone because it’s different for me to show all of this on camera. I really liked them. Later, Karan called Rakesh an escapist and said, “Rakesh’s solution is not only difficult but impossible.” After staying in the home for five weeks, Moose Jattana was evicted from Bigg Boss’s home this week.


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