A video from ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is going very viral on social media these days, in which Kapil Sharma is seen making fun of Shahid Kapoor’s romance. Even Shahid Kapoor can’t give any answer to Kapil Sharma’s joke. In the Kapil Sharma Show Video, Shahid pokes fun at the bike romance style. Kapil says that in ‘Kabir Singh’ he was having an affair with Kiara Advani while riding a bike. Also in Jersey, she is dating Mrunal Thakur on a bicycle. Kapil Sharma tells Shahid, what are you talking about in such a hurry.

‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ comedian tells Shahid Kapoor: ‘You can’t stop the bike, you can’t cry romance…’ Shahid breaks into a smile at this talk from Kapil. Then we answered that it used to happen to us that those policemen, they didn’t know that the shooting was going on and they got upset, then after that we filmed the scene of the boy on the motorcycle, to distract. Look, I’m the father, my son is… .’

Kapil Sharma then asks Shahid if he has ever been trapped by a director’s promise. Shahid (Shahid Kapoor) while answering the comedian’s question says “I wish I was stuck but I’ve done those movies… what mistakes I suffer in these 23 years… that you say yes once. Then you can’t say that No. Shahid Kapoor says that ‘because there are a lot of decent people there, they don’t know how to speak and they suffer a lot in this matter’.



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