Kapil Sharma Breaks Silence On Taking Comedy Nights With Kapil Show Off The Air

Comedian Kapil Sharma’s Comedy Nights With Kapil show is gaining in popularity once again. Kapil Sharma is also very happy with the response his program is receiving. Viewers are raving about Kapil Sharma’s show. There was a time when Kapil Sharma’s show was taken off the air, leaving his fans very disappointed. By the way, it wasn’t easy for Kapil Sharma to get the show off the air. Kapil Sharma recently said that because he had to take the show off the air.

A video of Kapil Sharma is going viral on social media, in which he is seen saying that the show had to be taken off the air due to a back pain problem. Kapil Sharma first had this back pain in 2015. However, Kapil didn’t know much about it during that time. During that time, Kapil was in the United States and met a doctor. That doctor gave the comedian the epidural. Kapil was relieved by this medicine, but the problem remained the same.

Kapil said that the spine is the root of everything. In such situation, if there is a problem in that, then you can understand what the situation will be. For this reason, the example of the spinal cord is also given. If there is a problem in someone’s spine, everything stops. Kapil had to take his show off the air. Due to the injury, his behavior became annoying. I couldn’t get out of bed. Doctors also say from above that lying down will lead to weight gain, so stick to a liquid diet. One, a man is already suffering, after that, if he is allowed to eat salad, his problems are doubled.

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This video by Kapil Sharma was shared on the occasion of World Spine Day. Kapil had also told his fans that if his body changes, definitely pay attention.


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