Kapil Dev reacted to the undefeated 175-run record, said what is not a regret

<p estilo="text alignment: justify;"India's former captain Kapil Dev said on Thursday that he has no regrets not recording his 175th unbeaten run against Zimbabwe during the 1983 World Cup. The 1983 World Cup win is one of the biggest sporting achievements in Indian history. To say that the victory would not have been possible had India's team captain Kapil not played a historic tackle against Zimbabwe at the Tunbridge Wells ground on June 18, 1983.

But unfortunately for Indian cricket fans, Kapil’s tackles were never caught on camera, as the BBC, the only broadcaster at the time, called a nationwide strike. After Zimbabwe reduced India to 9/4, Kapil played tremendous cricket to guide his team to a respectable total of 266/8 from 60 overs. India won the match by 31 runs.

At an event hosted by the telecom operator, Dev said: "I don’t like to criticize people. People say you don’t care that it wasn’t recorded and I always say ‘no’ because it’s recorded in my mind."

At the event, the telecom operator showcased an immersive hologram and India’s first 5G-powered hologram of the former Indian cricketer and recreated the stadium experience of the cricketer’s undefeated innings against Zimbabwe. Natraj’s signature shot of Hurricane Haryana was also shown in such a way that a person can experience that moment from a 180-degree view. When asked if that particular tackle was his best performance, the veteran denied it was a big tackle.

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