Kany García sang again in the Dominican Republic, paying a debt of songs she owed. Three times his concert had been postponed due to the pandemic. And it paid off handsomely. Instead of one, it performed two functions.

Tuesday and Wednesday, before an empathic fan gathered in the main hall of the Eduardo Brito National Theater, the singer renewed that special empathy with her Dominican audience, perhaps the most faithful she has outside of Puerto Rico.

“We have been to concerts this year in the United States and it is a beautiful experience, but we genuinely treasure so much to return with the Dominican people in this meeting tonight, that for me I longed, and that at last face to face, and that at last has had a date, and this is too much generosity, loyalty, fidelity. So tonight I have come to give everything, there is no other way ”, were his first words.

One by one their emotions began to emerge, the same ones that the women present seemed to feel, because there was not a single song that was not accompanied by the collective female choir. That is what is called knowing how to transmit when not only is sung, but what is sung goes beyond the barriers of feeling.

Something special happens with Kany and her audience, a shared connection in those romantic messages or social reflection wrapped up in her way of making a pop out of the box. It is as if the women in the theater want to snatch the lyrics from him and stick them in his heart.

Yes, they share their dramas. In each song they are reflected. In some of them they are shipwrecked.

In “Titanic”, for example: “And I saw you spending a life with me. And I who saw myself meeting your friends / With you I saw the relatively easy future / And I who saw us, and I who saw us / Like the old thing on the Titanic ”, Kany sang at the top of my lungs. And the voices of the fans added like waves.

Then she would say: “The Dominican is a public that shouts, that sings and that when it does not have things to say it also knows how to listen, it is an audience that embraces and more than anything and that they taught me is a loyal audience, who waits, thank you for being here ”.

That fidelity between Kany and the Dominicans comes from its beginnings in a decisive way in music, as a result of the launch in 2007 of its album “Any day”, from which the songs sounded "I’m leaving today", "What happened to us?", "This loneliness" and "Stigma of love". And one more, the controversial one, "Friend in the bathroom", which created a controversy and became mandatory at concerts.

Then other jewels would come: "I’m leaving today", "Somebody", "It hurts less" and "Forever".

His fifth studio album "It’s me" (2018) was named one of the 50 Best Latin Albums of the Decade by Billboard, and the music video for his single "Banana Papaya" Together with Residente, he won the Latin Grammy in 2019 in the category of Best Music Video.

In 2019 he released his sixth album "Against the wind" which was crowned Best Singer-Songwriter Album at the Latin Grammys and gave his current tour its name.

His most recent album "Table for two" (2020) is made up of 10 collaborations with artists such as Carlos Vives, Camilo, Mon Laferte and Carlos Rivera.

With this record production, the artist obtained Best Songwriter Album for the second consecutive year at the Latin Grammy.

Before performing “Búscame” before the Dominican audience, included in his recent album, like “Titanic”, he stressed his gratitude to his followers: “I have to say thanks to that beautiful country that from day one for fifteen years, Almost, we started in the smallest places and we have grown hand in hand and they have never, never, never let me go … It has happened to me with other countries that there are disconnections, the Dominican Republic does not allow it and it always gives me the possibility to return, thank you because”.

The most intimate moment of the concert she found herself with guitar in her hands, in the song “Although it is a moment”, from the album “Against the wind” and that she does puts many on the brink of the collective precipice when she sings: “Let me stay alone / Let the life of a slam the door to the chest / And let it shatter me / Everything that I cared for for so long ”.

With Kany on stage, the night goes away like a shooting star and although she sings them all, some stay for the next one. And she worries that someone will claim her for it.

“Because I had a large debt and I said: – Someone may be, because there is always someone, who is going to write to me on the networks that you did not sing me the song I wanted, that’s good, it was not everything I expected, there is always a dissatisfied bastard (crowd cheers and she half smiles) ”.

Then “with all the love” he went on to interpret a handful of songs “that have been with me for some time and make pieces with the dream and desire not to receive that message” from some hater.

The Puerto Rican singer has many memories of her concerts here. The previous time, in March 2019, a blackout at the National Theater interrupted his show.

On Tuesday, she recalled: “In the theater the lights went out and everything was completely dark and people did not stop singing. And it reminded me of two things: that we continue to live difficult times of governments that have to have a little more sensitivity and the other is a very clear security, that regardless of the worst of my moments I always have an audience that embraces me and the Dominican that night made it very clear to me ”.

Then he added. “If that happens in another country, I can’t imagine what would have happened elsewhere, I can’t imagine what happens in a place where the power goes out and people don’t give a damn ”.



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