Kanté, next summer’s great bargain

N’Golo Kante looks like it could come out Chelsea in the next summer market since there is no agreement to extend his contract and today the parties are far apart for him to end up staying longer at Stamford Bridge. The French midfielder, in the case of not renewing, could become one of the bombshells of the next summer market since the club that signs him will sign one of the best midfielders on the planet at zero cost.

According to accountSports world‘, Kanté wants a contract similar to the one Koulibaly has signed this season, also 31 years old. The Senegalese have been signed for four seasons and those are the ones that the French midfielder wants to ensure, however, it seems that the London team is not in the business of offering him so many years and this is the main reason for the disagreement between both parties. Let’s remember that Kanté is one of the highest paid players, not only in Chelsea but also in the Premier League and in recent years he has not been important for the club (motivated by Thomas Tuchel’s lack of confidence), the club hopes that , in addition to lowering the years of the contract he asks for, also lower his salary.

Back to France?

For several seasons, one of the teams that is most interested in signing N’Golo Kante it is precisely Paris Saint-Germain and everything seems to indicate that the French will try to repatriate the Gallic midfielder if the possibility arises. The Parisian team would be willing to put a good contract on the table as long as he does not renew with Chelsea and today it seems that they would become the first candidate to take over his services next year.

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