‘Kantara’ actor Kishore’s Twitter account suspended, do you know why?

Twitter has suspended the account of popular South Indian actor Kishore. An activist, especially on farmers’ issues, Kishor is known to express his views without fear. Although the actor has not yet reacted to the suspension of his Twitter account.

Kishor had earlier supported Sai Pallavi’s controversial statement comparing the killings of Kashmiri Pandits to the killings of Muslims. He questioned the media for attacking the award-winning actress-turned-doctor and asked reporters if it was a crime for movie personalities to express opinions on social issues.

The actor, who played the main antagonist (a police officer) against Rishabh Shetty in the blockbuster ‘Kantara’, has spoken out against superstition. In ‘Kantara’, he had said that like all good movies, he has also connected people who cross the borders of caste, religion and language. It’s raising awareness through entertainment. He said that if cinema is used to promote superstition and divide people by inciting communal feelings, even a great movie will be humanity’s biggest defeat.

Kishore Kumar is an Indian film actor born in Karnataka. The actor is known for playing characters that fit the bill of an anti-hero. Be it a policeman, politician or character, Kishore has carved a niche for himself in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam cinema.

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