Kannada actress Swati Satish’s face was damaged due to wrong surgery, hard to recognize

Facial surgeries are common among movie and television stars. But every time he is unsuccessful then he has to bear the brunt. Something similar happened with Swati Satish. Kannada actress Swati Sathish’s face has also completely deteriorated due to improper surgery, after which it is becoming difficult to recognize her. If reports are to be believed, the actress underwent root canal surgery, for which her face was damaged due to improper treatment.

Some images of the actress are becoming viral on social networks, in which it is increasingly difficult to recognize her. Her face is completely swollen. On her right side, there is a lot of swelling from her cheek to her lip. If reports of her are to be believed, the actress underwent root canal surgery in Bangalore, shortly after which her face swelled up. She is telling herself that there is a lot of pain in her swollen face. With a spoiled face, she has found it difficult to leave the house.

The actress says that her treatment was done wrong in Bangalore and she was given incomplete information and medication about the treatment, so her face deteriorated. According to reports, during the surgery procedure, she was given salicylic acid instead of anaesthesia, which was discovered when Ella Swati arrived at another hospital for treatment. Currently, her treatment continues in another hospital and her face is improving.

Bad cosmetic procedures can be serious and the worst part can last a lifetime. This is not the first news of facial deterioration during surgery. Even before this, many celebrities have become victims of this type of surgery. Last month, well-known Kannada TV actress Chetna Raj also died due to failed plastic surgery. Chetna was just 21 years old, she underwent fat-free cosmetic surgery at a private hospital in Bangalore, which proved fatal for her.

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