Kangna Ranaut’s serious accusations against Bollywood actor ‘begged me to come out…’

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan’s affair had caused quite a stir. Subsequently, the dispute between both also reached the courts. However, far from all this, now again Kangana has revealed this supposed romance. When someone asked Kangana that some person is deceiving people by pretending that he is the representative of Kangana. About this, the actress told people through various posts that she too was once tricked by someone pretending to be Hrithik Roshan. Along with this, without taking the name of a Bollywood actor, the actress also told many shocking things about him. Kangana wrote that he tries to talk to her from different numbers.

Kangana posted on her Instagram story, “The movie mafia has always been involved in criminal activities, the superstar I dated later revealed that she was dating his cheater. He used different numbers and accounts, he also hacked my account and executed it.” incorrectly, I thought. he was getting a divorce, but then I realized that he had nothing to do with all this.”

The actress further wrote in her post, “They buy fake tickets in large numbers and affect collections as well as increase ticket prices for no reason. Also, they spy on your WhatsApp data and buy tickets.” times that information about my contracts and my personal life has been leaked.

Calling them talentless idiots, Kangana Ranaut wrote in another post that their tendency is criminal, which is very scary. Tagging the Mumbai police, Kangana also asked them to take action against her. Following this, Kangana Ranaut dragged another actor (without naming him) and said that she begged her to go out with him. Kangana Ranaut wrote: “Another superstar known for being a womanizer, came to my house and started asking me out with him.”

Kangana further said, “This person kept meeting her in secret. When she questioned this mysterious behavior, he said that he was making a third choice to date the angel of a father, which he abandoned. Everything was not acceptable, so I flatly turned him down.” and then he started trying to talk to me from different numbers and accounts until I blocked him from all sides.”

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