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Kangana’s Ranaut Thalaiva film could be released late in Maharashtra theaters Find out why

Due to the corona virus epidemic, most theaters in Maharashtra are currently opening at only 50 percent capacity. In such a situation, Kangana Ranaut’s film ‘Thalaivi’ may be released in some cinemas in Maharashtra after a few weeks. This has been revealed in media reports.

Kangana Ranaut fans are also very disappointed with this news. However, all theaters in the state were expected to be running smoothly until the film’s release. However, this does not appear to have happened now. Taking into account the third wave of Corona, the government of Maharashtra will give orders to reopen the theater with all its might. It may take some time. Kangana fans have long been waiting for the release of this movie.

It has been said in media reports that the Maharashtra government may reopen theaters in full force after the Ganpati dive. However, it will depend entirely on the Corona situation. The government has not yet provided information in this regard. The producer of the film is also expected to make good money from this film.

It is worth noting that this film by AL Vijay, the famous Tamil film director, will be released on the big screen soon. The film is based on the biography of Jayalalithaa, the five-time Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Kangana will be seen in the role of Jayalalithaa in the film. Kangana fans are eager to see her on the big screen.


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