Kangana Ranaut takes aim at Bollywood by sharing a photo of a mother working in the fields

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut dominates social media. While she often remains controversial regarding her tweets, she also shares things related to her personal life with her fans. Currently, the actress has spoken about her mother. Kangana’s mother has been a Sanskrit teacher in a public school. In fact, Kangana shared the photo of her working on the farm with her mother, which a Twitter user commented on. Kangana responded the same in her last tweet.

One fan wrote in the comment on Kangana’s photo, “Even after being a millionaire, Kangana’s mother works in the fields. Where do you get so much simplicity? After which, Kangana responded to this on her official Twitter account on Monday, writing, “Keep in mind that my mother is not rich because of me.” I come from a family of politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen. Mom has been a teacher for over 25 years. The movie mob should understand where my attitude comes from and why I can’t do bad things and dance at weddings like them.

Tell them that on Sunday, Kangana shared a photo of her mother working in the fields and said that she works in the fields for 7-8 hours a day. The actress also wrote on her Instagram stories that her mother doesn’t like eating out, going abroad, going to film sets or living in Mumbai. She said that her mother scolds him when she tries to make him do any of these things.

Sharing the post on her Instagram Stories, Kangana Ranaut had written: “The Bhikhari movie mob who dances at weddings and makes songs for a few coins will never know that Real Character/Integrity is beyond material wealth. .. That’s why I never respected him.” I will never respect him.”

On Monday, Kangana wrote on Insta Stories: “The movie mafia always called my attitude my arrogance, my mother taught me to live with two loaves of bread and salt, but never beg from anyone. I’ve been taught not to say anything I don’t like and that doesn’t go with my value system/religion Tell me, is this arrogance or honesty? They abused me and declared me crazy because I don’t laugh or dance like other girls or dance at weddings or go to the heroes’ rooms!! Is this the reason why someone should be attacked, harassed, or isolated?”

Kangana further writes, “Even now I spend every penny of my money to make a movie. Today I have nothing. When I see my mother working in the fields, I feel like I have everything. hai. kya badge tum mera.. ha ha, You can’t blame me when your head rolls, don’t be surprised… that’s exactly why I’m here.”

Talking about Kangana’s work front, the actress is currently busy with various projects. Her ‘Emergency’ directed by her solo will be released soon. In this film, Kangana has played the role of the country’s first female prime minister, Indira Gandhi. Anupam Kher, Shreyas Talpade also have important roles in the film.

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